How a Water Softener Helped Encourage My Kids to Drink More

How a Water Softener Helped Encourage My Kids to Drink MoreFor a couple of years we had been thinking about installing water softener technology in our home, but hadn’t pulled the trigger for a couple of different reasons.

For starters, outside of some metallic tastes and a little bit of dry skin we didn’t really see any real negative impact from hard water. On top of that, our children were so young that they weren’t all that fussy about water that wasn’t crystal-clear or perfectly pure.

That all changed about a year ago, when our oldest child started to pipe up about how the water at home was a lot cloudier and tasted funny compared to the water at school – and that caused a chain reaction that had our kids fussing about hard water and drinking a lot less of it unless it came from a bottle.

Well, this really pushed us over the edge and forced our hand, convincing us to purchase a water softener, and we certainly are glad that we did. Ever since we installed the water softener our kids have been drinking a lot more water, and there are a couple of reasons why.

My kids weren’t crazy about cloudy tap water

For starters, my kids weren’t all that crazy about drinking cloudy tap water and had even stopped going to the tap when they needed a glass. They would either ask for a bottle of water or skip water altogether. They either reach for a couple of juice or go for a can of soda, and we weren’t really all that excited about either of those options.

Sure, juices aren’t all that bad – in moderation – but it still has a lot of sugar. And while I had given up soda a long time ago my husband hadn’t, and our kids were starting to pick up on this less than ideal dietary habit.

With the water softener, all of the water from our tap is completely clear. They aren’t nervous about cloudy water any longer!

My youngest children really didn’t like the metallic taste that hard water had

Even though my oldest child had into really brought up any off tastes when they were drinking cloudy hard water, my youngest children weren’t all that wild about the metallic taste that the minerals and other deposits in hard water gives off.

It got so bad that they flat-out refused to drink water from our faucets, and even though bottled water isn’t the most expensive thing on the planet, it’s a lot more expensive than drinking water from our homes.

When we changed from a hard water supply to a soft water supply, all of those metallic tastes disappeared – and our kids started enjoying tap water once again!

I’ve been able to get my kids to drink more water after installing a water softener

At the end of the day, the water softener has gotten our children to drink a lot more water from the tap than they ever used to.

We are over the moon with this investment, and couldn’t be happier that we made the decision to go with this effortless upgrade. I’d recommend that you move forward with an upgrade of your own if you are sitting on the fence. You (and your children) are going to love it!

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